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"I would like to formally thank you for your efforts this past year which resulted in making the replacement of our office roofing a successful project.  Your detailed analysis of the condition of our various roofs and the documented report which included pictures, explanations, evaluations, recommendations and current repair needs was instrumental in the understanding and acceptance of this project by both local and corporate management.  The professionalism and thoroughness of this report was commented on by several managers.  Your continued efforts in providing detailed project specifications, pre-bid meeting support, and frequent inspections (with comments and directions) during the roof replacement all resulted in making this project flow smoothly.  I also want to thank you personally for your efforts which certainly saved me a lot of work and time, without which this project would not have happened as soon and proceeded as quickly. I look forward to having you involved with our future roofing needs. Feel free to use me as a reference, I'll be happy to pass along my experiences with you and your company."


-Mining Equipment Manufacturer




"Rob proved very helpful in assisting me to develop a proposal that highlighted  the benefits of reroofing.  He was also very helpful in securing a contractor to perform an infrared scan, which further supported the justification to reroof"..."Because of such a cogent presentation, funds were approved to initially re-roof 38,000 S.F. out of 115,000 S.F. before fiscal year end.  Rob assisted by developing a detailed work scope and providing us with four qualified and capable contractors whom would bid the job.  Throughout the installation of this roof system, Rob was on site one to two times a week monitoring the overall quality of the work...." " He would also provide us with service reports as to the progress of the project keeping us well informed of daily activities.  As a result of Rob's diligence, we feel we received a much higher quality of roof system than we might have otherwise received working with someone else.  Because of everyone's satisfaction with the initial project, the plant has proceeded with reroofing the remaining 77,000 S.F." "I have been very impressed with Rob's knowledge of roofing and the attention he gives to detail.  We believe our decision to work with Rob has placed the future of our roofing assets in very capable hands."


-Medical Supply Manufacturer

"I would like to commend your local representative, Rob Lyon for his efforts in making the Patient Tower Project a success."  "Rob worked with us through the roof system selection process and then prepared accurate and detailed specifications.  He looked closely at the construction details that contributed to the existing roof's failure and then included details in the specifications to eliminate those problems from the new roof."  "Once the project was underway he visited the site frequently and communicated clearly on the progress and quality of the project." "....we are very happy with the results."



"I really appreciate the time and effort you provided me, so that I could be a part of the "roofing experience".  As you will remember many problems associated with typical roof repairs were exposed, these problems could not have been dealt with as effectively as they were had it not been for your help and experience. Over the past few years, dependence upon quality external companies has increased and has allowed manufacturing companies to reduce operating expenses.  Your company is one of those quality external companies and it was a pleasue working with you." "Rob, I would be happy to talk with anyone that desires information about our working experiences."


-Computer Component Manufacturer

"I write to attest that the roofing project on the Middle School was completed in a very professional manner.  The quality of the job was assured, the time schedule honored and the work site was properly cleaned after completion."  "I would have every confidence in using your company for future roofing needs and would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone seeking a quality roofing project."


-Public School

"I have worked with Rob Lyon several projects including high rise housing facilities, college academic buildings and office buildings.  Rob presents himself as an experienced and knowledgeable roofing specialist and has always been very attentive to the needs of our clients as well as our firm."  "Some of the projects we have completed have been very difficult because of existing conditions and building construction.  With Rob's assistance we have designed details that have eliminated past problems and provided our clients with sound, trouble-free roofs." I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone seeking a high quality roofing system."



"I would personally like to thank Rob Lyon for his help in selecting the right roof system for our facility and his support throughout the entire replacement project." "We had talked to four different roof consultants and six roofing contractors and they all recommended different approaches and different roofs. Rob discussed all the options available to us and helped us narrow down our choices so that "apples to apples" bids could be received." "Rob developed the specifications, helped select the bidders, evaluated the bids, and was on-site regularly throughout the project to ensure the specifications were being followed."



"After much thought we decided to work with Rob, Rob prepared detailed specifications and got us quotes from three qualified contractors. Rob and the contractor we selected, worked closely with us to ensure that the internal operations of the plant were not disrupted while the project was underway. This was a rather difficult task, considering that we had a substantial amount of steel decking to replace.I am very pleased with the completed project. We look forward to doing another 30,000 square feet with Rob next year.  We would recommend Rob to anyone who asks."


-Plastics Manufacturer

I just wanted to thank you for your support during our recent roofing projects.  The completed roofs look great.  I look forward to getting the next phase of our roofing started after the first of the year.You told us before this project started that you were going to take good care of us and you have.  Your inspections and reports have helped me stay up to date and feel more confident in the quality of the installation.  You also provided us with a contractor that cared about the quality of his work and who worked hard to let us know where things stood on a day to day basis. Please feel free to use me as a reference.





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